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Are Intuit and Quicken the Same?


No, they are not the same. Intuit is the name of the company, whereas Quicken refers to the name of the software that was first developed by Intuit. Today, Intuit no longer owns Quicken since the software was bought by the H.I.G. Capital last 2016. 

Intuit is a tech company that helped millions of people tackle their financial tasks with ease and speed. With the help of the software this company has developed, accounting and tax preparation tasks no longer equate to days of drudgery. The company came into existence in 1983 and now has more than 9,000 employees. Its Chief Executive Officer is Sasan Goodarzi, who assumed the role starting last January 1, 2019. Intuit’s software and other services are helping more than 50 million individuals all over the world. 

Scott Cook, the co-founder of Intuit, had a long-term goal, which is to make the company among the most design-driven in the tech world by 2020. This would mean that they would no longer focus solely on the functionality and ease of use of their software. Instead, they aim to design each software for people’s “delight.” 

On the other hand, Quicken is a finance management software designed to help people in tackling their personal finances. This software allows individuals to track and list their financial transactions. It also makes managing rental properties a lot easier. Quicken can also be used for tracking investments, handling taxes and creating invoices. Note that this software is only designed for managing personal finances, which means it is not meant to be used for managing small business finances. Quicken has several versions, and these include Premier, Deluxe, and Starter

When Quicken was first introduced into the market, it only had one-third of the features that were offered by its competitors. However, it still became successful amidst competition because Quicken was uniquely designed. Its overall design made it so intuitive, thus capturing the attention of many users for more than thirty years.

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