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When Does Intuit Send Or Mail W2?


By January 31st, each employee's W-2 forms will be mailed to the employees' resident address, according to the address that's found in every employee's profile.

As an integral part of Intuit Full Service Payroll, every employee's W-2s will be prepared and then filed with the corresponding government agencies, before they are being mailed directly to the employees. Starting January 1, your employees' W-2 forms can be accessed in your Intuit product. If you are an employer, keep in mind that W-2 forms will be sent to employees via USPS from January 20-31. However, please note that employer copies will not be included in the mail because these can only be accessed via your Intuit product.

In the event that your employees will not be able to receive their W-2 form within the given period of 7 business days, you can have the option of printing the W-2 forms from within your Intuit account. To do this, you just have to look for the Tax Records tab, and then click on it. Next, make sure to look for the option that says W-2 Copies B, C and 2 and then click on it. You can now print your employee's W-2 form. Lastly, do not forget to write the words "Reissued Statement" right at the upper portion of the W-2 form.

Normally, each of your employees will be able to receive four copies of the W-2 form. At the back of the forms, there you can see the filing instructions for your employees to follow.

For Quickbooks users, they just have to visit the Payroll Tax Center because this is where they can see their employee W-2s. They can view this through a secure link which they can find in Quickbooks. Users of Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Assisted will have the option to print their employee W-2s on their own printer or just have them printed and mailed to their employees' addresses.

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