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Who owns Intuit QuickBooks?


QuickBooks is Intuit’s second product, after Quicken. These are both accounting and financial management software that is developed, marketed and owned by Intuit. It was in 1998 that QuickBooks was launched. During this time, QuickBooks was created to work in MacIntosh, DOS and IBM PC.

QuickBooks was developed with an aim to provide small business owners the chance to use software that is equipped with features that are easy-to-use. This software possesses the structure, as well as compliance needed by small business entrepreneurs, to achieve better productivity and increased profitability.

Today, QuickBooks has become the leading software in the world of entry-level accounting for small businesses. QuickBooks comes in different editions, and this includes QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

The popularity of QuickBooks can be attributed to its versatility. The software can be used by accountants and entrepreneurs from almost every industry. The Desktop version of QuickBooks are popular among businesses that offer professional and business services. The QuickBooks Online version is gaining traction in the field of independent contractors and non-profit organizations. There is also the accountant version that has been proven beneficial for CPAs in helping QuickBooks users with tasks related to general accounting, bookkeeping, auditing and tax filing.

The majority of revenue that developers of QuickBooks gained comes from the users within the United States, even though there are also other versions of the software offered in other countries. QuickBooks also has versions designed for users in Australia, South Africa, Canada and the United Kingdom. It is also important to note that the number of QuickBooks users in English-speaking countries is also growing. This occurs despite the presence of stiff competition from foreign providers of accounting software.

At present, QuickBooks has a lengthy directory of 60,000+ ProAdvisors. They also have a channel of QuickBooks Enterprise resellers for subscribers who need help with regard to using the software for their business and financial needs.

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