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What is Freshbooks Classic?


FreshBooks Classic is one of the original web tool apps that first came out in 2004. It was designed and founded by a consulting team that experienced losing an invoice. They want to ensure it won’t happen again thus this app came from that unfortunate experience of theirs.

FreshBooks Classic is a simple web-based software for tracking time, organizing expenses, and invoicing clients.

It rose to become one of the most popular online invoicing tools. It would let you track time, log that along with all your expenses into your client projects, then make complete invoices faster that would enable your clients to pay you directly from the invoices.

It’s everything you’ll ever need to keep track of your work and get paid for it accurately and without leaving anything out or behind.

FreshBooks Classic had evolved to the powerful online accounting that it is today. In September 2016 it was relaunched with a better re-designed interface.

The new FreshBooks made the project interface simpler that makes it easier to collaborate, lets you track expenses in multiple currencies, and more fresh design that it has now.

How Is FreshBooks Classic Different From the new FreshBooks?

The only biggest difference between these two versions is that the new FreshBooks offers double-entry accounting, which qualifies the software as a true accounting program.

FreshBooks Classic does not offer double-entry accounting and it’s only an invoicing software platform with minimal bookkeeping features in it.

Can you still use FreshBooks Classic?

With its recent upgrade a hit, some of the users of Freshbooks Classic still use it if they’re not really in need of an accounting tool and they just want the invoicing and basic bookkeeping features they’ve loved and used for years. They got used and adapted to it after using it for 16 years!

Old-time users who have the new FreshBooks still have complete access to their FreshBooks Classic accounts and the features that come with it.

The noteworthy aspect to look upon is that the company’s more focused on the new FreshBooks that might affect the updates to the Classic software. Until this day, there are no plans to phase out FreshBooks Classic.

If you're contented with FreshBooks Classic, you can continue to use it for now. Or you have a choice to your account for a fully new FreshBooks and the same price.

That sounds great though! It’s better to upgrade to the new FreshBooks and have everything it has to offer and its modifications at the same price. It’s having everything under one roof completely.

The new FreshBooks now has the bragging right to claim to be one of the best accounting solution for businesses.

Today, FreshBooks provides double-entry accounting and key accounting features, such as bank reconciliation and reporting, and more!

After Thoughts

FreshBooks Classic was a good start and the new FreshBooks is one of the best online accounting solutions for good!

FreshBooks’ ease of use and amazing customer service and lots of wonderful features would make other companies fare less in comparison.

It’s 100% worth it for your business.

Are you ready for it?

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